Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque Review

This product includes Amazonian White Clay. It aims to intensively purify to minimize pores. It is best for normal to oily skin types to eliminate debris and dead surface skin cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave skin dull looking. It has ingredients comes from Marajó Island at the mouth of the Amazon River. It is rich in minerals, minimizes pores.

How to use it?
Firstlt clean your face and then apply on damp skin with your hands until it reaches the thickness that does not show your skin tone. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. It can make face burn firstly, it is normal it will past couple of minutes later.
I have dry to combination skin however sometimes I have acnes on my face due to toxins and bacteria I think. So I purchased this masque to gey rid off them. First I clean my face with half lemon with sugar on it, peel my face with that. Unless you clean your face properly. Masque minimizes pores and the dirth in your pores causes pimples and acnes.

This masque is quite strong and removes sebum. However it is not good for dry face. It does not do very well job actually, on the other hand good for big pores and oily skin. I won't purchase again because it does not go for so long, like 4 months and it does not improve my skin problems much. But it is really good for pores on nose, it has really efficient on them. You can see the difference even after single use, your nose and around it gets better, less pore less blackheads. You should use twice a week for a good solution additionally.