Saturday, July 04, 2015

Lancome Génifique Soleil Skin Youth UV Protector Review

Hi pretties!

This one of my favourite sun protectors.
The elegant and efficient Lancome Génifique Soleil Skin Youth UV Protector 30 SPF.

It costs 30$ and its quantity is 150 ml.
 It has options that have more SPF also.
 This is the body version, there is face version of it too.

It has a nice floral fragrance, I like it very much. As a typical sign of Lancome line, the fragrance is intense. The texture is creamy, a bit greasy. It gives a whitened, radiant, mouisturized look and satin finish. I have dry skin therefore this sun cream really fits me. It can be seen as a bit heavy for oily skin however the texture is between lotion and cream it is not that weighty.

It protects from sun very well. It settles and long-wearing. My skin is tend to be sensitive and this product does not irritate me even a little. On the other hand my mum has sensitive and freckled skin, and this cream burned her face a bit.

Finally, I like this one. Smells pretty, long-lasting and elegant product.

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