Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Cleansing Mousse

A new lovely product from botanical cosmetic of Yves Rocher.
This cleansing mousse consists of botanical translucency complex.

First, I want to talk about what is written on the product.

For skin that appears clear, even and translucent
Our Botanical Beauty researchers have discovered the Botanical Translucency Complex, a unique combination of Licorice and white Lupin. 
The creamy texture leaves your skin fresh and radiant. (...)
 And it's tested on Asian skin. 
This mousse includes no mineral oil, colorant, silicone and paraben. Its formula contains 90% natural ingredients. It involves white Lupin grown in the Loire and Poitou-Charentes regions of France.

It has a really mild formula. It cleanses skin well. However it is not doing sth for blemishes, blackheads or oiliness. I think it is completely amazing for sensitive, dry and dull skin. 

What I like about this, it is so natural, no paraben, no mineral oils etc. You feel comfortable when using it. Its fragrance is so good also. It has a mild creamy formula & looks shiny like a pearl. 

What I love about this, it really luminates your skin. I had a few compliments about my radiant skin after using it. Just kinda pearl effect on your skin, glowin from inside, looks gorgeous. Reduces darkness perfectly.

Pros & Cons

-It luminates, gives radiance to your skin. 
-Mild formula, good for sensitive skin.
-Very good texture and fragrance
-90% natural
-Efficient combination of Licorice and white Lupin for your skin
-Mineral oil, colorannt, silicone and paraben free

-Not effective on blemishes,blackheads or oiliness.
-Does not clean enough for oily skin.
-Does not reduces sebum.

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