Wednesday, July 01, 2015

IOPE Air Cushion XP C21 Review

Hi guys,

This review is about IOPE's Air Cushion XP.

iope air cushion

It is 40$. Comes with a refill, so total weight 15+15 gr.
It is best-seller in Korea.
It has SPF 50+ and PA+++.

iope air cushion

This product is true its name: it feels like air, it is sweat-proof, looks natural & flawless.
It is designed in a shape which is pretty popular in Korea and spreading in worldwide.
It looks like a powdercase however it is bigger and thicker. You can apply easily in anywhere, this concept is getting indispensable after you use it. You reapply anytime you want and it does not get cakey.

iope air cushion

I bought the C 21 shade. There is three options C for coverage, N for natural, S for shimmer.
And two shades 21(light) 23(slightly darker). This two shades still light for many people because IOPE is produced for Asian market. If you are interested in, Amore Pacific produces other cushions which have more shade options. Amore Pacific is the main brand which produces IOPE too.

Love the color, it's light also it looks natural, it is not unnaturally white. I like pink based foundations generally, this one does not involve pink color in it nevertheless it gives fresh, health, pretty look, so love it. It settles well, you feel you have a protector & exclusive layer on your face. It is not so glowy or matte, it is kinda semi-matte.

iope air cushion

It covers redness, blemishes very well. It is sort of long lasting product, reapplying during day could be better also. Coverage is really good and natural. It really carries the level of a cushion to top-end.

Repurchasing absolutely!

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