Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid Review

Hey everyone!

For the love of lip tints! 

This one is named as "Ink Lipquid" from The Face Shop. Its amount is a bit little, it is 4 grams and costs about 9$. So it is sort of expensive, considering it is quantity.

the face shop ink lipquid 1

I have the shades CR01 (Coral Chu) and RD01 (Apple Red). There is a wide range of shades of this product. It's for lips yes, but it can be used for cheeks also. I love how they look on cheeks, natural and healthy.

the face shop ink lipquid 2

the face shop ink lipquid 3

Coral chu CR01 is a shade which involves orange tones which are not dominant and looks natural. Apple Red RDO1 is more spectacular shade it's reddish as is says, a bit unnatural, bright and nice one.

the face shop ink lipquid 4

And it's super long-lasting like it is not removed completely even after cleansing.

the face shop ink lipquid 5

About moisturize, it does not dry your lips much, however can not say moisturizes neither.

the face shop ink lipquid 6

You can apply it on the morning one coat, it will stay during many ours. If you don't wash, it will stay for 8 hours even. 
Really nice packaging, easy to use, looks de luxe and fancy. It is shaped like a lip gloss more than a tint actually, same application tip with glosses. And it looks like a slender laboratory tube, I think so cool.
About fragrance, it smells nice, a bit sweet taste, not so dominant.
I love everything about it except its quantity! I really feel like I will consume them in a month!

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